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Vermont Pharmaceutical Marketer Price Disclosure

Information for Prescribers of Prescription Drugs


Those affected by Vermont's Prescription Marketing Law can refer to the documents below to compare prices of our products with similar generic choices in the same therapeutic class.

  • Lists provided in the links do not imply that the products are interchangeable or have the same efficacy or safety. Please refer to each product's FDA-approved label for further information.
  • Prices listed are Average Wholesale Prices (AWP) as established by a third-party publisher. Prices paid by consumers may be higher or lower.
  • Prices reflect price per dosage, per course of treatment, or the cost of effectiveness of all products listed. For simplicity, only the smallest package sizes available for each product are included.

Information for Vermont Prescribers of Prescription Drugs

See full prescribing information including boxed warning regarding liver toxicity and medication guide
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