Patient Advocacy

Patient Advocacy

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Patient advocacy groups around the globe help patients, their families, and their caregivers navigate the cancer landscape. These groups work to ensure cancer patients receive appropriate and timely care, education, and financial assistance, when needed. Daiichi Sankyo supports your efforts to provide personalized assistance and direction to all cancer patients when and where they need it most. Please use the link below to answer three specific questions which will direct you to the best funding platform for your type of request.

Patient Advocacy Funding

  • What type of funding is being requested?

  • Is this request seeking a contribution to support a charitable cause, general support of a mission, or a not-for-profit healthcare event?

  • Does this request result in an initiative targeted toward (A) a clinician or research-based audience, (B) a patient, caregiver, or advocate audience? (c) Both?

  • Does this request seek to support a promotional initiative or event?