Working with Healthcare Professionals

Working with Healthcare Professionals

Collaboration between healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry is essential to improving the quality of care for patients and to conducting research and development. Whether it is collaborating on research for new medicines or learning about treatment options, interactions between pharmaceutical companies and those outside our company lead to innovative thinking and better medicine.

The discovery of new and improved medicines is dependent on research collaborations between physicians and pharmaceutical companies. Clinical trials sponsored by Daiichi Sankyo have led to breakthroughs for people suffering from cardiovascular disease, cancer and other life threatening diseases. Additionally, pharmaceutical companies help physicians stay current on the latest treatments, new indications, and emerging safety risks. It is our responsibility to ensure prescribers are fully aware of the risks and benefits of our medicines and to obtain information about how future potential medicines may help them and their patients. In turn, physicians share first-hand knowledge with pharmaceutical professionals about patient experiences with their medicines – feedback that is critical to improving patient outcomes.

Daiichi Sankyo fully supports the disclosure of financial relationships between physicians and the pharmaceutical industry and is committed to the principles of the Physician Payments Sunshine Act and the Open Payments resource. We will continue to comply with the law.

It is our hope that these disclosures lead to a broader understanding that these relationships are essential to our ability to develop medicines and to help meet patients' needs.

To view information that Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. reports to the US Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in accordance with the Sunshine Act provisions of the Affordable Care Act, visit the CMS Open Payments website.

In addition to the information posted on the CMS website, Daiichi Sankyo Inc. has voluntarily posted the aggregated data for our company in the attached Payments to US Healthcare Professionals report. This report represents payments made directly or indirectly by Daiichi Sankyo Inc. to health care professionals for services and reimbursable expenses that are reportable under the Open Payments Act. Please note that the information contained on this page may differ from the information available on the CMS website.

If you are a healthcare provider and would like further information or have questions regarding the Open Payments Act or the information contained on this page, please email us at: Journalists are welcome to contact Daiichi Sankyo Public Affairs at