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Corporate Support FAQs

What types of funding requests does Daiichi Sankyo provide?

Daiichi Sankyo provides the following types of financial support to patient and professional organizations and institutions:
  • Charitable contributions
  • Sponsorship
  • CME grants
  • Non-CME grants
    • Fellowships
    • Scholarships
    • Academic research

What criteria do you use to determine which activities are funded?

Daiichi Sankyo has developed criteria for each type of funding request. These criteria can be found on the website page for each funding type.

What is the deadline to submit an online application?

Applications for funding support are reviewed on a rolling basis and must be submitted online. Requests for funding a particular program or event must be received by the posted deadline date for the quarter that the event is to occur. Daiichi Sankyo does not provide any grant support for events that have already occurred.

Are there exceptions to the submission deadlines for consideration of funding support?

On a case-by-case basis and under urgent circumstances, Daiichi Sankyo may provide corporate giving outside of the posted quarterly submission deadline review period. These exceptional circumstances may include urgent community relief, natural disasters, or other community and public health needs requiring urgent support. Any requests for urgent corporate support should be made by contacting the

My program initiation date is less than 60 days away. Will you review my application?

If your application is made by the quarterly submission deadline and is submitted within 60 days of the event, Daiichi Sankyo may choose to review your application on an exceptional basis. However, there are no guarantees that the application will be reviewed or approved. Priority will be given to applications that are submitted by the quarterly submission deadline and more than 60 days until the event.

Does a contract or letter of agreement need to be signed?

Yes, Daiichi Sankyo requires and provides a letter of agreement to be signed for all types of financial support provided to third-party patient or professional organizations.

What activities will Daiichi Sankyo not consider?

Daiichi Sankyo has developed criteria for the programs it will consider providing financial or in-kind support for, which can be found on this website page [LINK TO "NON-CME GRANTS" PAGE]. These include programs that are not aligned with Daiichi Sankyo's vision, mission, or medical or scientific platforms; programs that are primarily entertainment-oriented (such as retirement dinners, medical school class reunions or staff recognition); non-educational programs (such as leadership training and business meetings); and programs for capital improvements and/or operating expenses.

Are there certain expenses for which Daiichi Sankyo will not provide funds?

Daiichi Sankyo will not fund budget line items such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • Entertainment
  • Gifts for faculty or organizers
  • First class airfare
  • Program fees, travel or expenses for participants
  • Salaries and compensations
  • Capital operating expenses such as office equipment, furniture or facilities modifications
  • Meals

Generally, when sponsoring an educational activity, Daiichi Sankyo will consider funding the following types of expenses:

  • Honorarium for medical or scientific faculty
  • Speaker travel (coach class), reasonable expenses for lodging and meals
  • Room rental related to the educational portion of the program
  • A/V equipment rental
  • Cost for CME accreditation
  • Meeting-related expenses (must be detailed in budget)

How does Daiichi Sankyo prioritize and decide on providing financial or in-kind support?

Daiichi Sankyo will consider all applications that meet the criteria outlined on our web page. The Daiichi Sankyo review committees consider many factors in determining which programs to support including, but not limited to, the scientific quality of the program, the educational need, budget and audience. In general, priority will be given to accredited continuing educational programs and programs.

What is the role of sales and marketing personnel in the submission, review and approval processes for IME grants?

Daiichi Sankyo commercial personnel, including those individuals in Sales and Marketing, are not involved in the submission, review or approval processes for any requests for IME grants. Any questions or applications for financial or in-kind support must be made directly through under "IME Process".

What if our organization has a letter of agreement?

Daiichi Sankyo requires that the Daiichi Sankyo Letter of Agreement be used. During the review, approval and confirmation process, consideration will be given to the requirements of the third-party organization.

Can I make an application for financial or in-kind support for an activity that has already occurred?

Daiichi Sankyo will not consider any applications for financial or in-kind support for an activity or program that has already occurred.