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Company Culture

Growth. Empowerment. Rewards.

Daiichi Sankyo is proud that we are a successful company. We recognize all of our employees contribute to that success through their daily individual and collaborative work efforts. We create an environment at Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. that is both inspirational and aspirational to reinforce excellence in everything we do, and we have a unique and exciting way for our employees to create and achieve their professional goals. Our culture fosters:

  • Growth. We encourage our employees to proactively take on assignments that stretch their skills; to learn from some of the best minds in the industry; to follow an established path to success or forge their own.
  • Empowerment. Innovation thrives in an environment of freedom and accountability. If employees see an opportunity for improvement, we support them in finding that "better way."
  • Rewards. A Daiichi Sankyo career has significant rewards for employees: competitive pay and benefits; a welcoming, respectful and collaborative environment; and the pride that comes from knowing you are making a difference in peoples' lives.

Through growth, empowerment and rewards, our employees share in the success they help Daiichi Sankyo achieve. For information about career opportunities at Daiichi Sankyo, Inc., please click here.